Emscripten Contrib Ports

Contrib ports are contributed by the wider community and supported on a “best effort” basis. Since they are not run as part of emscripten CI they are not always guaranteed to build or function.

The following is the complete list of the contrib ports that are available in emscripten. In order to use a contrib port you use the --use-port=<port_name> option (emcc).


This project is an emscripten port of GLFW written in C++ for the web/webassembly platform.


emscripten includes support for both GLFW 2 and 3 written in Javascript. These can be activated with the settings -sUSE_GLFW=2 and -sUSE_GLFW=3. This non-official contribution, written in C++, provides a more extensive and up-to-date implementation of the GLFW 3 API than the built-in port. It is enabled with the option --use-port=contrib.glfw3.

Project information

License: Apache 2.0 license